Options for Oregon, 1972

“All man has learned from the past is that he has learned nothing from the past.”

–A Cynic

In 1972, Governor Tom McCall used this quote to introduce a strategy plan for Oregon’s Willamette Valley: “The Willamette Valley: Choices for the Future.” This report by Lawrence Halprin and Associates for the Willamette Valley Environmental Protection and Development Planning Council set the stage for SB 100, Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning Law. It describes the likely consequences of two scenarios over the next 30 years: one of “sagebrush subdivisions” and the “ravenous rampage of suburbia” if the state were to continue on the development path it was on, and one envisioning the result of increased urban density and the consideration of environmental concerns. Employing plain language and simple, yet effective, drawings, this 1972 report is still interesting and relevant. You can find it here: http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/handle/1957/52


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