Where the Bottles Break; John Gorka, 1991

Jack's Crows

Jack’s Crows

In 1991, Rolling Stone magazine called John Gorka: “the pre-eminent male singer-songwriter of what has been dubbed the New Folk Movement.”

In a rich baritone voice and alt-country sensibility, “Where the Bottles Break” takes aim at planning’s greatest bugaboo—gentrification and repeat offender—Donald Trump. There is no mistaking Gorka’s stand on the subject with this lucid denouncement of the changes that inevitably come with wealth and growth.

Where The Bottles Break, selected lyrics:

“Further west it’s been gentrified
They turned biker bars into flower shops”

“It happens when the money comes
The wild and poor get pushed aside”

“The buyers come from somewhere else
And raise the rent so you can’t hide
The buyers come from out of state
And they raise the rent”

“Buy low sell high
You get rich and you still die
Money talks and people jump
Ask how high low-life Donald what’s-his-name
And who cares
I don’t wanna know what his girlfriend doesn’t wear
It’s a shame that people that work
Wanna hear about this kind of jerk”


2 thoughts on “Where the Bottles Break; John Gorka, 1991

  1. I was a grad student at Lehigh Univ. in Bethlehem PA back when Gorka regularly played in the area. I caught him every chance i had. Still would. At graduation Trump was the speaker. He thanked us for coming. Pretty sure i did not coordinate my graduation to coincide with “Donald whats his name. “


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